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Guard Your Tongue

I wanted to quickly share a devotional thought with you as well as a link to a sermon I heard. 

How have you been using your words lately? Written, spoken, and even thought?  Have your words been edifying, envouraging, true, lovely, necessary? 

I have been thinking much about how people so often write or say things to others, blaring their opinions (while attempting to be truthful) yet not considering how that statement (though true) was neither helpful nor encouraging to others. 

For example, perhaps your husband or child did or said something unkind, irresponsible, or even just had a moment of sinful weakness. In your attempts to rectify the situation,  you truthfully point out what went wrong, how they should fix it, and why do they always seem to be struggling with such-and-such?! 

I am recognizing that while friends and family may do or say things we find offensive or feel hurt by, in some cases, it behooves us to bridle our tongues, and instead of providing our version of constructive criticism,  we instead say nothing. In many cases (for example,  when our husband or kids demonstrate a moment of weakness due to our sinful desires and so on), the person recognizes their error and is not helped in any way by our fumbling attempts to correct all their faults. 

I am learning to pray more and speak less. Certainly there are moments which require speech, but let us be sure our words are for edification, encouragement, and the building up of believers- 

Should you desire change in a friend or family member, speak less and pray more. God is always at work, and he certainly doesn't need us to tell so-and-so how they need to work on such-and-such. 

Guard your lips, dear ones.  Let us not be the cause of strife in our homes, marriages, and relationships because we can't keep our mouths shut. 

May God help me today to speak words of truth, love, and encouragement- that he may be glorified through me. And, may I pray more, knowing my heart is desperately sick, and from that heart, my mouth will speak! O, God, set a watch over my mouth and keep the door of my lips! 

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