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Morning Mercies

A quick devotional and song meditation to get your weekend going:

That God should show me mercies, new every day, brings great comfort. Yet, that phrase is greater emphasized by the truth that God knows me fully. He knows each part of me, yet still gives mercy. He knows the hidden struggles, the persisting sins, the nagging doubts... and, yet he gives mercy.

Furthermore, he knows each step of my journey. He knows the things I cannot see or understand. He has given me his word that I may learn of him, from him, to trust him as the one who holds all my days carefully, lovingly, and wisely. His plans and purposes never fail.

This truth is never more evidenced than at salvation. All God had promised found its culmination at the cross and was realized in the resurrection. What a firm foundation is mine! For though he knows me more intimately than I even know myself, and though I often doubt and try to manipulate and control, he grants mercy. Mercy to trust, mercy to confess, mercy to change, mercy to believe, mercy to wait, mercy to act even in the unknown. He has promised to never forsake. He has promised his word is sure. He has promised peace for the journey. He has promised to bring me to my final full and complete joy in his presence. I am unworthy but Christ makes me worthy. His blood speaks on my behalf, and the Father declares it is enough! Ah, what mercy! New for each day and for eternity- let us praise our God for his mercy!

Songs for reference:

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