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Do You Believe the Bible?

This morning, I listened to a sermon on marriage. This sermon is part of a series on lifestyles and what the Bible tells us about our relationships within our families and our work places. These relationships directly affect the church, also. 

I found this so encouraging and helpful as my husband and I had been discussing our own marriage just yesterday.  He told me he knew some people were "jealous" he has a wife who supports him. I found this rather disturbing. Isn't that the point of a marriage relationship? To support one another and encourage/edify one another?? As Christians, isn't this a "no-brainer"? 

Now, before I get ahead of myself, I will be the first to tell you this was not my original mindset in our marriage. I might have said it was, but I certainly did not believe it-and my husband knew it. And, as I have shared in previous Bible studies, I had (still have!) a lot to learn about myself and my sinful struggles and tendencies. 

The most prominent struggle I have is "control". This control evidenced itself in my life with wanting to even control my "spiritual walk" with God- pedantically doing the things I was supposed to and patting myself on the back as being a good Christian girl. However, this manifested in sinful areas of anger, jealousy, detrimental mental and physical struggles, and pride. These things built up in my life to reveal I really was not submitting to the Word of God in my heart and life, therefore, there was no way I could and nor was I submitting AT ALL (biblically) to my dear husband! (Perhaps you have these same struggles- and that is why God tells us as ladies to "submit"?)

The premise of this sermon is do you actually believe the Bible? And, if you do, that should be evidenced in the way you treat others, and specifically, in your marriage relationship- in attitude, speech, thought, and lifestyle. 

So, this means- no hiding things from him(even little things); this means being honest about things instead of saying the forced, tight,-lipped "fine" when he asks about stuff; this means changing sinful areas which he points out to you instead of making excuses or justifying your behavior because of "his" problems; this means speaking to him with edifying, encouraging, and loving words instead of snapping in anger; this means not saying one thing to his face and then telling your mom, sister, or girlfriends about how "annoying" or "whatever-it-is" about him.  

I could go on and on..... and all of these are things I have struggled with.... and, often, still do. And, God has been slowly and patiently revealing ways I have NOT really believed Him or His word, and changing me to now be able to say I do really want to supoort and submit to my husband- I really do want to love him the way Christ loves me. I really do want to be a godly wife, mother, friend, woman....

And, this may be an obvious truth, but i will say it anyway ( because I need to be constantly reminded!): what you truly believe will be revealed in the way you treat others. And, specifically,  in the way you treat others when you think no one is watching. 

So, do you really believe the Bible? And, how is that evidenced to your husband? Your family? Your friends and co-workers? 

Are you truly changing to become like Jesus based on what you believe about Him and His Word? Or are you living based on what you believe is good for you? 

Take a listen, dear ones! 

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