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Changing for Good

Updated: May 15, 2020

This is a new venture which has emerged as an opportunity to share my story with you. As a Christian, I lived for a long time, doing the Christian "things", going through the "good girl" motions, but I knew something was missing; I knew my relationship with God was mediocre, at best. Through some very difficult circumstances, addictive behaviors, and deep-seated anger and bitterness, I realized I was living a controlling Christian life. I had accepted God's free gift of salvation, but instead of devoting my life to him, I was living to please myself, to worship and serve God "my way", and to promote my own way of living instead of living to honor him.

This blog seeks to share with you the changes I made in my life (by God's grace) and the changes you too can make every day to have a vibrant relationship with Jesus.

I am hoping, through this blog, to help others who are struggling with their own stories of addiction. Addiction is a terrible thing, and it comes to us in a variety of ways. Some addictions are more detrimental than others, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally. But, all addictions are detrimental spiritually. Addiction tells God "I am in control", when he is the one who is REALLY in control. Addiction tells God, "I'm good. I've got this," when, in reality, you are FAR from "good".

Have you ever heard the phrase, "What's good for you may not be good for someone else?" (Or perhaps a variation of that idea) Essentially, this phrase promotes an idea of good which is subjective, indicates change based on a feeling of goodness, and does not imply goodness in its true form. The Bible makes it clear no one is good; no one can perform enough righteous or good acts to be truly "good". (See Romans 3:23; James 2:10; Isaiah 64:6) To become good is to take what is only truly, really, completely good- the nature and person of Jesus Christ- and claim it as your goal. He alone is good. To take of his goodness and to strive to become like him is to declare your own depravity and reject it as wrong. On the flip side, to remain your own version of good is to reject that which is intrinsically, inherently good for that which is subjectively good- yourself and your own ideas (or the ideas of another fallible person).

To become truly "good" is to become like Jesus. And to know what is "good", I must know what Jesus declares is "good"; and to know what he says, I must read his word, the Bible. Additionally, I must not just read it; I must study it and live it. (James 1:22) To change from an addictive behavior is a process; I must realize that the addiction was NOT good. To "change for good" then, is to not just make a "New Year's"-type resolution. To "change for good" is a process- not just in addictions, but throughout our entire lives. This process of "good change" will last my whole life, and I want you to be a part of that process. I want you to see and understand the changes I am making- and I want you to see truly "good" changes in your own life. Changes to be like Jesus. Changes that glorify God.

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