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Do You Want Wisdom?

This week has been lovely- and this morning, as I am typing this up, the air is cool, making me anticipate my favorite season: FALL! How was this week, dear ones? What did you learn about your God this week? This week, I was greatly comforted that he is my help, my friend, my Shepherd. How much he cares about me! How he wants me to communicate with him- even in the things I struggle to admit, confront, confess. In the moments I am feeling grumpy, hormonal, sad, frustrated, overwhelmed, and so on- He desires that I communicate all that with him, and his word has given me the answers in those moments of struggle and weakness. In the grumpy moments, he has promised to be my joy. In the overwhelming moments, he has promised to carry my burdens. In the hormonal moments, he has promised to uphold me (yes, you can even talk to him about that!!!). In the frustrating moments, he has promised to give me the wisdom I need as I seek him for help. 

When any of these moments arise in your life, what do you do? Do you immediately jump on social media, looking for a quick fix? Do you complain to someone or lash out at the nearest victim about the troubles in your life? Do you get broody and temperamental? 

The other night, I read Proverbs 2 to the boys before bed. As I was reading, the overall theme of the chapter (the importance of wisdom) jumped out to me. I began to think how much our world needs this wisdom. I began to think how much our churches need this wisdom. And, even more, I began to think about how I need this wisdom. In this passage, there are several conditional statements beginning with the word, "if". This emphasizes to us the need to be doing those "if" statements in order to obtain the result we want. 

Essentially, the author is saying, if you really want to know God and his wisdom, you must do your part! Then, the writer says, "you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God." Why is this important for us? Well, think about all the stuff going on in our world. The violence, the fear, the confusion. So many people lashing out in anger, bitterness, and depression. Anxiety reins in the hearts and minds of so many. People are combating one another with their words and actions. No one seems to know where to turn for the answers. Yet, the answer is right here in the Bible. "For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth comes knowledge and understanding; he stores up sound wisdom for the upright; he is a shield to those who walk in integrity, guarding the paths of justice, and watching over the ways of his saints." Isn't that truth so very comforting at this time? Are you lacking in understanding and wisdom about something? God has it all stored up for you- and its depths can never be attained. He has more wisdom, more knowledge, more insight than any expert you will ever find. 

And, as you seek his wisdom, he promises that "then you will understand righteousness and justice, and equity, and every good path; for wisdom will come into your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul; discretion will watch over you, understanding will guard you, delivering you from the way of evil." 

Are you seeking God's wisdom in these days? I mean, really seeking it?? Or are you doing the simple Bible reading and then going about your day without even meditating on the most important piece of knowledge? Are you driving these truths into your mind and heart so that in the moment of battle, you are prepared with truth? Dear ones, you will never regret having filled your mind with God's word. You will never regret laboring to read his word and understand his truth. You will never regret setting aside extra time with him. The dishes and laundry can wait. Social media can wait. Get alone with him and fill your mind with him. He alone can fill the voids in your life. The pain. The struggles with sin. The confusion. 

Matthew Henry writes, "Those who earnestly seek heavenly wisdom will never complain that they have lost their labor; and the freeness of the gift does not do away the necessity of diligence. ...Observe who are thus favored. They are the righteous on whom the image of God is renewed, which consists in righteousness. IF we depend upon God and seek to him for wisdom, he will enable us to keep the paths of judgment. If we are truly wise, we shall be careful to avoid all evil company and evil practices. When wisdom has dominion over us, then it not only fills the head, but enters into the heart and will preserve both against corruptions within and temptations without."

What are struggling with today? What sins are plaguing you? Gossip? Bitterness? Anger? Deceit? Worry? Fear? Judgment? Lying? Rebellion? A haughty spirit? 

What have you been filling your mind with this week? God's word? Or the news? God's word or social media? God's word or the "advice" of others? God's word or the devil's subtle lies? 

Light bulb moment!! The confusion, pain, and hurt in your life CAN ONLY BE FILLED by the word and the wisdom of God. But, you must be doing your part. You must be fighting the battle- God has provided you with what you need, but if you are not diligently seeking him and his help, you are setting yourself up for spiritual failure. 

What is seeking God going to look like for you today? This week? How are you going to make it a point to be gaining the right wisdom? 

Are you seeking comfort from the word of God and from those who will point you to him? Get rid of the stuff that is not doing that! Don't read those books or posts! Don't listen to that music or that podcast. Don't take advice from that person. 

Read Proverbs 2 today. Ask God to reveal ways you have been seeking wisdom from other people or places. Confess the sins which are keeping you from a right understanding of him today- and every day. Seek him. Seek him diligently and earnestly. You will never regret it. 

Love you all! Please let me know if there is any specific way I can pray for you. I love hearing back from you. 

Additonal song for meditation:

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