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A Month of Craziness- and I Need Your Ideas!

Well, if you read my last post, you would have read that I was encouraged for this new year and whatever craziness it would bring because of the hope I have in Jesus. If you haven't read it, you can read it here:

Little did I know that two days after writing this, we would be launched into our first bit of craziness for the year. For those of you who don't know, my husband fell and broke his fibula (near the ankle) and apparently messed up his ankle also. He ended up having surgery and was given a plate, eight screws, and a tight rope thing-y (I am very "up" on my medical terminology...) that helped pull everything together. He has an air cast now, so he can take it off and do some small exercises, though he can't put weight on it still for about a month. He has been a good patient, as far as, following the doctor's instructions. He thankfully understands that if he doesn't "do it right" the first time, there will be consequences later! Anyway, several people have commented that this is not the way to start out a new year or clearly this isn't what you had planned; and, certainly those statements would be true.

But, as I sit here now, I just am so grateful.

Grateful for all the people in our lives who have reached out and helped and called and texted and offered help and told us to let them know if we need anything.

It's really been almost overwhelming, and we have commented to each other how amazing it is that all these people would care about us.

During all this, our regular routine has been slightly upended, particularly as we are still trying to sell our house, so we have had showings thrown in there, too. All this to say, my writing times have not been consistent, and when I have had time, my thoughts have gotten discombobulated, and I have to start over!


But, I do have something I want to share with you-

I have been doing a Bible study through the book of Habbakuk. My mother-in-law gave it to me for Christmas. It is put out by the Daily Grace Co., and you can find it here: .

It has been a wonderful study. A little background: Habbakuk is living during a time when the Babylonian take over is imminent. The people of God have been ignoring God's commands to forsake their idol worship and "self-dependent" lifestyles. They have ignored him. God has warned them judgment is coming. Habbakuk is bemoaning this, asking questions like: "Why do evil kingdoms prosper?"; "If you are holy, God, how can you allow this stuff to happen?"; and "When will you deliver us?"

All these questions and more resonate with a lot of our own lives. We are often asking questions of God.

"Why has this happened?"

"When will you answer this prayer?"

"Why is this taking so long?"

"What am I supposed to do?"

"What is going to happen to us?"

A few things Habbakuk makes clear are these:

God is always at work.

God will not forsake his people or his covenant.

God always keeps his promises.

God's ways are not our ways.

God's truth will prevail.

Verses like these have been running through my mind constantly:

"Look among the nations and see; wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told." (Habbakuk 1: 5)

God is always at work.

"For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end- it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay." (Habbakuk 2:3)

God will not forsake his people or his covenant.

"You went out for the salvation of your people, for the salvation of your anointed." (Habbakuk 4:13)

God always keeps his promises.

"He stood and measured the earth; he looked and shook the nations; then the eternal mountains were scattered; the everlasting hills sank low. His were the everlasting ways." (Habbakuk 4:6)

God's ways are not our ways.

"For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea." (Habbakuk 2:14)

God's truth will prevail.

These truths have encouraged my heart as we have gone through this last crazy month.

All these truths are grounded in the word of God, which cannot and will not change or grow outdated. This truth we have, of course, is believed by faith. As we believe, God's word gives us the instruction to know and understand our world, our faith, and God himself so when people question us about what we believe we can have answers.

I have lately been challenged to study out more of the answers and questions and philosophies swirling around us, particularly to help my kids as they grow and are confronted with all kinds of lies and false ideologies.

I have been reading through Mama Bear Apologetics, as well as a few other articles and books, which have been very helpful resources.

With this thought, I would like to do a few blog posts on some "hot topics", namely, "What is Truth?"; "Debunking a Self-Made Lifestyle"; "Rooting Out Subtle Lies"; "Why Feelings are Not Your Friend", as well as doing a follow up post to this post on the LGBTQ movement, and sexual misconceptions:

I am doing this, with of course, close attention of the Word of God. We must be careful to approach all topics and discussions with a framework that is grounded in Scripture.

I would love to hear from you all on what topics you would like to read discussions on, as well as ideas you may have that would relate to any of these topics. In this crazy world, I am finding it more and more imperative that we not just blindly believe what we have been taught, but to diligently seek out truth and answers and be armed with those things to combat the subtle lies thrown at our hearts and minds every day. This is important for the sake of our own lives, as well as the lives of our children, our spouses, our friends, and other relationships in our lives. I really want us to be learning together on lots of these topics, encouraging and sharpening each other in our faith. Please share your ideas in the comments section.

How grateful I am in these days for the Word of God and for his people who have greatly encouraged my heart in this last month.

I also want to share a couple songs that have helped fill my mind with more truth to encourage me on these busy, ever-changing days:

And don't forget to share your ideas below!

Prayers for you all as we press on in these days.

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