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Writing to Share Truth

I am here to share with you the word and the works of God in my life. He has transformed my heart, mind, and life, and I want to share that continual transformation with you. May you, too, know his transforming power! 

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Thoughts on #Pridemonth

This is a tough one. Tough because it says things I know people are not going to like. And, I don't like it when you don't like me. Haha. Selfish, perhaps? Yes. Sooooo, I am writing this post because I can't keep quiet about it. I have seen this everywhere. Posts, ads, commercials, articles, news feeds, memes- you name it. It's everywhere. Because it's that month. You know..? If you don't know, well, I'm telling you. It's #pridemonth. Pride month? Yes. Pride month. Meaning th



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